“Easy to install, easy to set up, easy to use. Well worth the modest cost ”


“Very handy to separate Personal from business trips”


“Honestly the best purchase I’ve made in the last couple of years”


“Never loved an app as much as I love this”


“Not just a money saver but a money maker”


“Do yourself a favour and get yourself a GOFAR”


This Aussie tech is sold in over 73 countries

As Featured on


Plugs in under the steering wheel

No tools required.

Pair to your phone

Download the GOFAR iOS & Android app for instructions.

Start Driving & Save

Works in petrol, diesel & hybrid vehicles since 1996.


Automatic mileage tracking. Tax time made easy.

Records everything the IRS needs as you drive

Perfect records for bigger deductions, without the boring paperwork

Supports all claiming methods

Drive More Efficiently with the Ray. Slash Running Costs, Forever.

Trains you to drive safer and cut emissions with real-time feedback via changing colours

Keep Ray glowing blue and save 9% on fuel with its patented efficiency algorithm

Ever found yourself accidentally speeding? Ray glows red to warn you and help keep your licence

Keep a close eye on your car. Right from your phone.

Continuously monitors your car for 7,000 + potential faults

Handy reminders for servicing, registration and more

Fix problems before they become expensive

Don’t take our word for it… See what people are saying about GOFAR

Don’t take our word for it… See what people are saying about GOFAR

“Being able to drive further on a litre of petrol is smart business for Uber driver, Matt. His driving behaviour is being re-wired by this device; like a black box for your car”

David Eccleston, 7 News

"Great for the Business Person on the Go. This app has made my recording of my travel a breeze. Getting organised could not be easier"


"Does exactly what I need, and best of all I don’t need to remember to log my business trips, its automatically logging every trip! Wish I got

Mel Becroft

"Great Aussie product. Simple to use and handy for trips away where fuel and mileage is a factor. The fault reading and clearing has saved me twice now."

Luke Harbs

“Works like a charm - records my work travel and helps with my lead foot. It is also very well  supported with timely responses to questions and troubleshooting. Had it for over two years.”

Stephen O’Brien

“Fantastic product. Been using it for a few years now. I am a little disappointed about the introduction of the subscription service for exporting data. This was previously no extra charge. I’ve always had fantastic, prompt customer service via emails.”

Bronte Alcock

Purchased GOFAR for my partner for tracking his kms for tax purposes. It was super easy to install and he loves the ease of using the app for car kms and petrol purchases. Also purchased the Ray to warn when speeding! Customer service was amazing and they even surprised us with free express post upgrade when Auspost were having their big delays. It arrived within a few days!

Leah Henderson

"Excellent device, works perfectly, and technical support is great if there are any problems. Definitely the best solution to keep track of everything you could wish for"

Jeremy Brown

"I have been using my Gofar for about four months now and its been great. I especially like the log book feature as i can export it straight to my accountant for tax purposes. I did have a small issue with the unit not logging trips recently but i emailed support and they got me going again straight away, it was a phone issue not the Gofar unit. Great customer service, thanks Al"

Brett Fiedler

Choose the Option That’s Right for You

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For drivers who want GOFAR’s great features but usually don’t drive for work

one off
Includes Device  &  Basic Features
Track & claim 600 mi for work per year
Upgrade to Unlimited at any time


Choose for Mileage Tracking & Claims, Car Allowance or Client Billing

one off
$5.75 / month
Paid as $69 Annually
Includes Device & Advanced Features
Track and claim Unlimited mi for work
Fully Tax Deductible
Pay Annually
Pay Monthly


The perfect solution for larger teams or fleets of five and more driving for work

For 5 or more cars
Less Paperwork for your employees
More Productivity for your organisation Improved Safety for everyone
Fully Tax Deductible
SPECIAL OFFER: Get 50% OFF the GOFAR device with this code:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Available on both Android and iOS

Mileage Tracking & Tax Claims



Automatic trip logging

See your trips on the map

Classify trips with a swipe

IRS mileage reports

600mi Limit*


Company car allowance and expense reports

600mi Limit*


Report to bill clients for mileage

600mi Limit*


Track fuel costs + capture receipts**

Your data backed up to the cloud

Automatic trip categorisation

Warranty & Support

Replacement warranty

Standard 1 year


Customer support

Within 72hrs

Same day

Save $1000s on Repairs

Continuously monitors your car for faults

Explains your ‘Check Engine Light’ in plain English!

Alerts you of 7,000+ potential problems

Severity warnings, know if it’s safe to keep driving

Lets you clear your own 'Check Engine Light'

Reminders for servicing, insurance, registration and more

Helpful and Insightful

Track your fuel economy, trip costs & CO2 emissions

Driver Scores and Leaderboard, compete with others for fun

View your driving trends and charts

Never forget where you parked, GOFAR remembers

Automatic parking timer

Multi car support - see all your cars in the app

**receipt capture available on iOS now,
coming soon to Android

*Limit per year

*While subscription is active

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Test drive it for 60 days, if you don’t LOVE IT, just send it back for a FULL refund. Quick, easy, no risk, no stress

We focused on great design from the start. GOFAR has even won 7 international awards including a prestigious Good Design Award.

Have a Question? See Our



Your questions

What does the GOFAR system do?

GOFAR is like a FitBit for your vehicle.

1. The GOFAR Adapter logs all your drives automatically for easy, accurate expenses.

2. The free GOFAR app helps you classify trips and monitor your car’s health.

3. The (optional) GOFAR 'Ray' gives drivers instant feedback and is proven to reduce speeding, crash risk, emissions and fuel use.

Why are 3000 companies using GOFAR?

Mainly because GOFAR improves productivity by automatically recording work mileage and creating compliant mileage reports.

Other reasons customers mention:

  • We cut costs (fuel, insurance, maintenance, roadside assist)
  • We protect the vehicle (instant alerts when faults are detected, handy reminders for servicing, rego, tyres)
  • We protect the driver (automated work diary, a black box if someone crashes into you, live feedback that cuts aggressive driving by 42%)
  • We protect the world (our live feedback cuts emissions by 5-10%)
Why GOFAR is good for employees

Employees often object to having (expensive) tracking devices installed in their vehicles but GOFAR is very different.

GOFAR is for employees

  • GOFAR is a logging device to help employees save time NOT a spyware device for management
  • GOFAR has no SIM card in it and so it cannot independently track vehicle location
  • GOFAR is proven to improve driver safety. Crashes are the top cause of workplace accidents so this helps the workforce.
  • GOFAR warns drivers when their over the local limit - protecting their license.
  • GOFAR flags car faults to drivers so it can be fixed keeping the car in safe, working condition.
  • GOFAR cuts emissions (who wants to work for a company that isn't?)
  • GOFAR does NOT give management a dashboard tracking drivers - we just share business mileage.
  • GOFAR gives employees totally control their privacy in the app and can choose to turn off maps even.

The GOFAR system does provide instant feedback on driving and speeding but this goes to the driver only so they can improve.

It does not get shared with management - which is good for management too as they can rely on GOFAR to improve safety and costs automatically.

Is it easy for drivers to install?


GOFAR installs in minutes with no tools or technical skills needed. You just plug it in.

Download the app for instructions, plug GOFAR into your car’s diagnostic port (above the pedals usually) and pair with your phone. Easy.

What US vehicles will GOFAR work in?

GOFAR works in a typical car, SUV, 4*4, truck, van or minibus made since 1996 (that is OBD2 compliant).

It works in petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles.

GOFAR typically does not work in trucks or large coaches.

All GOFAR 60-day FREE RETURNS, no questions asked policy.

Visit this link to check the compatibility of your car - https://www.gofar.co/car-check

Can I still make calls, listen to music and use GOFAR?

Yes. GOFAR plays nicely with other Bluetooth connections so you can make phone calls, listen to music, use navigation apps or use any apps just as you normally would while the GOFAR app works in the background.

Will it work on iPhones and Android phones?

GOFAR works on all iPhone and Android phones from the last 5 years.